Project in Preparation

Atlas Island

This project hopes to grow from an online community of like-minded people into a fully-fledged autonomous seastead.


USA, eventually international waters




Development Stage

Online community of interested people being grown



Current Situation


The Atlas Island project seeks to build a floating community, eventually becoming a fully-fledged seastead that will be settled in international waters and therefore avoid the direct control of any existing world government.

The full development of the project consists of five stages.

  • Stage I is the creation of an online community. At this stage, local clubs that welcome new members interested in the project are formed.
  • Stage II involves establishing marina communities in which club members start transitioning to living on floating vessels while still remaining close to onshore civilizational amenities.
  • At Stage III, a harbor community is created, where a protected floating space is located which allows for the development of basic infrastructure on the to-be seastead.
  • Stage IV involves several harbor communities merging together at sea, creating a coastal community. At this stage, floating infrastructure is further tested at a larger scale and an autonomous economy begins to emerge on the seastead.
  • Stage V involves merging the constituent clubs and communities further and moving the seastead to international waters. There, the Atlas Island project will be able to become independent of existing governments to the fullest extent possible, perhaps operating as a patchwork of Free Private Cities on the sea.

At Stage V, the seastead will be designed to remain permanently afloat and harbor the boats of its citizens. The goal is that the micro-nation will expand as more people join it, attracted by low taxes, individual Citizen Contracts and private government, where individuals can leave the seastead at any time and take their vessels, business and homes with them.

Current Situation

The project is currently at Stage I, where an online community is being established and expanded. As of October 2022, the community has approximately 300 members.

At first, Atlas Island will be composed of clubs and their members, making no demands or claims of independence.  To comply with maritime law, the project leaders eventually plan to negotiate with flagging registries and adopt a flag of convenience—a flag that will impose only minimal restrictions and convey basic legal rights.

Once fully established and operating sustainably on the high seas, Atlas Island will consider striving for full and recognized sovereignty from all other states.

Get Involved

Atlas Island is looking for interested and committed individuals who are willing to live afloat to join the online community of prospective seasteaders.