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Bürger- genossenschaft Mittelsachsen

Exploring a legal structure that promises to enable effective community building, this project’s aim is to bring the idea of citizens’ cooperatives back into public consciousness, highlighting principles of self-responsibility, self-help, and distance from the state. 


Saxony, Germany





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Development Stage

Preparations underway for settlement of pilot project



Pilot Project: BüG Mittelsachsen

Current Situation


Bürgergenossenschaft (“Citizens’ Cooperative” in English) is a German initiative that seeks to use the legal structure of a cooperative in order to build freedom-oriented communities. 

Regular cooperatives are frequently set up to be single-purpose organizations and alternatives to traditional limited liability companies or corporations. What makes citizens’ cooperatives stand out is their general focus. Bürgergenossenschaft (BüG) cooperatives are meant to provide a complete community environment that can encompass as many industries as their members are involved in. By creating an internal mini-economy, members of these cooperatives can both utilize a more favorable financial setting as well as protect themselves against any external supply shocks. 

The project stresses the importance of local autonomy and self-sufficiency in the face of an uncertain future in central Europe. Its goal is to build communities with strong legal ties that can replace the over-reliance on services provided by central governments. Therefore, Bürgergenossenschaft cites energy, food, education, culture, and dispute resolution as among the most essential industries to focus on and develop locally. 

Pilot Project: BüG Mittelsachsen

The first citizens’ cooperative to have been officially founded and registered is called Bürgergenossenschaft Mittelsachsen. 

BüG Mittelsachsen will strive for the maximum possible de facto independence from the state by supplanting centralized services with local alternatives. The aim is to provide its members with a significantly larger degree of freedom than what can be achievable “on the grid”. The cooperative will also focus on cultural life and events to project a positive image outward and attract more individuals from the surrounding communities to join. 

New members will be able to join the cooperative by making an investment of 1000 EUR. Furthermore, at least in the immediate future, membership will be possible by invitation only to maintain high levels of interpersonal compatibility. 

Current Situation

As of late 2022, BüG Mittelsachsen has organized first meetings and groups, for example, to explore community-based solutions for heating during winter. The cooperative is preparing to purchase initial land and real estate.  

The Bürgergenossenschaft initiative plans to increase its presence online in the coming months to attract more people in German-speaking countries to establish their own citizens’ cooperatives. It plans to offer a paid service to help these aspiring projects gain the appropriate legal status. 

Get Involved

BüG Mittelsachsen is looking for more members excited to join a new freedom-oriented community.