Project in Preparation

Free Commune

This grassroots project aims to build a freedom-oriented community in one of Spain’s abandoned historic villages.


Galicia, Spain



Dutch, Spanish, English



Development Stage

Reconstruction of real estate underway



Current Situation


Free Commune is a grassroots initiative aspiring to create a freedom-oriented homeowners’ community in an abandoned village in one of the least populated areas of Spain. Placed at a healthy distance from overbearing bureaucrats, yet equipped with water, electricity, internet, and road access, Free Commune welcomes people of all ages and nationalities. At the moment, community members work remotely, live off savings, or work seasonally elsewhere. The long-term plan, however, involves the creation of a self-sufficient economy relying, among other things, on cultural and agricultural activities.​


Current Situation

The team has identified most of the owners of abandoned properties on-site and is in the process of buying out the real estate. The first houses were purchased during summer 2023 and several additional future residents are currently securing their properties.

On July 26, 2024, the project will be hosting its first on-site festival and the organizers are seeking sponsors for the related expenses.

Get Involved

Free Commune is looking for people of diverse backgrounds aiming to establish a commune in which each member’s individual rights are recognized and respected.