Project in Preparation


This project aims to build a worldwide network of small, self-sufficient towns for freedom-seekers.


Azores, Portugal



English, Portuguese



Development Stage

Choosing the exact location for the first town and community



Legal Status

Current Situation

How to Move in


Freeth’m will be a global network of purpose-built independent towns with a minarchist ethos promising members “freer life, right here, right now”. The main aim of the project is to create a space for people seeking better governance through contract-based rules for cohabitation.

Freeth’m prioritise rural and semi-rural areas. The first projects are planned for the Azores, an Atlantic archipelago within Portugal, together with other locations in Texas and the Balkans. All communities will be operated under a build-to-rent model, whereby the developer owns all houses and acts as a town manager, enabling security and maintaining communal areas. Developer also provides educational, medical and cultural amenities, as well as co-working spaces and production facilities such as workshops and hydroponic greenhouses available for rent.

Designed to attract high-skilled remote workers, each community will ultimately support a maximum of 500 members. For the sake of privacy, all houses will be detached, with prices ranging from 250 EUR to 2,500 EUR a month depending on size and typology and design following the principles of biophilic architecture.

Legal Status

Freeth’m will be structured as a membership association across the entire global network of towns, enabling easy relocation if desired. The project is not aiming for formal autonomy, avoiding negotiations with the government altogether, targeting the de facto autonomy of their residents instead, based on the towns’ self-sufficiency.

Current Situation

As of October 2023, the initiative is in the planning stage, with a concrete plot of land yet to be purchased and no construction having started. While the Azores is the intended starting point, the second location is likely to be in the US. A diverse team of 25 individuals from 20 countries is driving the project.

How to Move in

EU citizens can live and work in Portugal freely, while others must obtain a Portuguese residence permit. Potential Freeth’m residents sign a contract with the developer — membership grants the ability to move between Freeth’m locations. Residents are encouraged to invest in the project through fractional ownership (tokenization) of real estate, energy, and farming facilities, as well as to set up community-oriented businesses on site. Freeth’m also has a social impact focus with the “Start from Zero” program offering affordable housing and employment opportunities to Ukrainian refugees.

Get Involved

Freeth’m is looking for remote workers, families, and companies who want to “live and let live”.