Project in Preparation

Guanaja Hills

Founded on a tropical island at a premium location, this up-and-coming intentional community aims to become the favorite retreat of freedom-minded individuals. 


Guanaja, Honduras



English, Spanish



Development Stage

Initial phase under construction



Legal Status

Current Situation


Guanaja Hills is a project in Honduras that combines tourism and local development. It is an intentional community of freedom-oriented individuals who are looking for a new home outside of Europe. To achieve this in a sustainable way, a resort town attractive to overseas tourists is set to be built, fostering permanent connections between Guanaja and the rest of the world.

The project is located on the island of Guanaja. Specifically, the development is planned for the yet-uninhabited part of the island. However, positive ties are being built with the existing Guanajan community.

Guanaja Hills has multiple ambitions for the long term. Operational energy independence is to be achieved by utilizing solar power. A marina is planned for the resort to better connect residents with Guanaja’s neighboring islands. Within the next three years, a medical resort is set to break ground, and as part of its development, free healthcare could be provided for Guanaja Hills’ residents and workers.

The internal economy of Guanaja Hills is to be based on a virtual payment token. An investment token is also to be issued, with investors receiving 7% of the resort’s revenue.

Legal Status

Guanaja Hills was originally indented to become a Zone for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE). However, before the approval process could be completed, the newly elected Honduran government had repealed the ZEDE law. This means that only the currently operational ZEDEs will remain open and no new ZEDE can be created.

In light of these developments, Guanaja Hills’ longer-term intention is to apply to join the jurisdiction of one of the existing ZEDEs, possibly Ciudad Morazán.

At the moment, the project is part of a tourist special zone on Guanaja island, which allows it to be temporarily exempted from property tax.

Current Situation

As of mid-2022, several houses are already completed in Guanaja Hills and more are under construction. Ten first movers are already preparing to move to Guanaja by the end of the year.

Guanaja Hills’ current resident population includes about 25 resident-workers, a number set to increase to 40 in the coming months.

Get Involved

Guanaja Hills is looking for liberty-loving friends to join them in building a new home on a beautiful tropical island.