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With the eventual aim of becoming a private city in the future if possible, this remote settlement in Norway is developing innovative infrastructure for its own internal economy.


Agder, Norway







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Liberstad describes itself as a private resort and membership community for voluntaryists, ancaps, libertarians and other freedom-loving people who adhere to the non-aggression principle. The long-term goal is to create an autonomous private city that is owned and operated exclusively by private individuals and organizations.

Liberstad consists of 350 ha of land divided into two several separate parcels. The main area is subdivided into four different districts: the central district (for restaurants, shops, and administration buildings), the tourist district (ie. for festivals, camping, a.o,), the housing district, and the nature and recreational district. Liberstad aims to host festivals (e.g. Freedom Festival) and other events to become a hub for liberty-loving individuals. In late 2022, a 75-hectare plot of land was obtained through a land swap, which is to be developed into a second residential district.

The project started in 2017 and is financed mostly by its landowners, members and various donations.​


Legal Status

Liberstad is registered in Norway as an entity called Liberstad Membership Organization (LMO). Those who wish to participate in the project or visit Liberstad become members by signing a membership agreement and paying a yearly membership fee.

Liberstad features a local informal mini-economy that takes place only among LMO members.

Because areas zoned as “housing” in Norway require the owner to live there permanently, Liberstad aims to be established as a “cabin-town”, as cabin areas do not require permanent residence. Despite having the aim of becoming a future private city, there have been no negotiations with or concessions from Norway’s government. Therefore, on paper, Norway’s law still fully applies in Liberstad.


Current Situation

Several buildings are already completed and occupied. Construction of several more buildings is underway. A bar, restaurant, and brewery in one of them are scheduled to be completed in the near future.

Having started with 150 hectares of land, and additional 200 hectares were obtained in 2022. With this addition, the total size of Liberstad more than doubled. An additional 75-hectare plot of land was acquired in late 2022 via a land swap (not increasing the total area of the project), which is planned to be a development area for about 15-20 residential plots.

Land for future development can be reserved in Liberstad. The process of enabling this was initially delayed due to the fallout from the pandemic. As of early 2024, Liberstad is now offering several dozen plots of land for sale within the community.

The project has established its own blockchain platform and currency (City Chain) in order to develop its “City Smart Platform”. This cryptocurrency is needed for the reservation and purchase of plots of land in Liberstad.

City Chain Business Registry is being developed, allowing businesses active in Liberstad to be operating exclusively on City Chain and the crypto economy. In the future, such companies will be able to issue shares on the City Chain blockchain.

How to Move in

Liberstad does not enjoy any formal special status within the legal framework of Norway. Therefore, all prospective residents need to obtain a right to remain in Norway from the Norwegian state first. Norway offers permits to work (for a Norwegian employer at a qualifying salary), study, and reunite with family. EU/EEA nationals do not need a permit to reside or work in Norway.

To settle in or visit Liberstad, individuals must become members of the Liberstad Membership Organization (LMO). Among other requirements, this involves signing the membership agreement vowing to adhere to the non-aggression principle and LMO’s policies, and paying a small yearly fee.

How to Invest

Liberstad offers several options to invest, listed on their website. They include purchasing land in Liberstad via the cryptocurrency City Chain and investments into buildings being constructed on-site as well as local companies and organizations.

Get Involved

Liberstad is looking for liberty-loving people both from Norway and abroad willing to live in an off-grid community.