Project in Preparation

Los Propietarios

This community aims to build a town of 10,000 libertarian anarchists in Argentina.


Central Argentina



Italian, English, Spanish


Arid Steppe

Development Stage

Land acquisition underway, seeking prospective movers



Legal Status

Current Situation


Los Propietarios is a startup community gathering a sufficient number of people to establish a libertarian-anarchist town in Argentina. The project was started by members of the Italian libertarian movement who decided, among the events surrounding the Covid pandemic, to shift their focus and start looking for a freer life abroad. They are now looking for people from all around the world who share the same ideals.

Each member officially joining the fledgling town will receive an opportunity to homestead a 1000-sqm plot of land. An organization (a trust) at the center of the community will set out the initial internal rules of living together, but all services are to be provided by the community members and firms themselves. When the town is sizeable enough, the eventual goal is for the central organization to disappear completely.

The town will have a pre-defined grid layout of where streets are to be built, but inside the grid, members will be able to choose their plots freely. The project has no architectural master plan, as its development is left to be decentralized among the members and property owners.

Legal Status

Los Propietarios do not aim to start negotiations with the government. However, thanks to the character of the community, the central state’s involvement in the lives of the members is hoped to be minimized. Community members will not be allowed to use the state’s legal services, but will be expected to have contracts with non-state dispute resolution service providers.

The community trust will initially own all the land that is to become the town. If the community grows to a large enough size, after three years its members will be able to decide whether they prefer to keep the trust arrangement or to officially become the direct property owners.

The community has a one-time joining fee of $250, in exchange for which 1000 sqm of land within the town will be made available to the new member for homesteading. One does not need to pay anything extra for this land.

Current Situation

As of early 2024, Los Propietarios are in the process of choosing and acquiring the best possible plot of land for the establishment of the town.

At the same time, a marketing campaign is underway via social media, podcasts, influencers, and other means to gather a minimum number of people required for the business plan to work – between 3-5 thousand.

Get Involved

Los Propietarios are gathering a community of prospective movers looking for a new libertarian home.