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Veritas Village

With a strong emphasis on freedom and self-sustainability, this community aims to become the perfect place to maximize personal autonomy.


Panamá Oeste, Panama



Spanish, English


Tropical Savanna

Development Stage

First residents to move in in 2024



Legal Status

Current Situation

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Veritas Village is a community designed for people seeking both sustainability and personal freedom. It is located approximately 10 minutes from the costal town of Coronado, at 250–350 metres above sea level. The community aims to be self-reliant, with a large amount of food produced on-site through vertical hydroponic gardens, livestock stables, a tilapia pond and community orchards. Solar and wind power will be used to generate electricity, while an on-site well will provide potable water, reducing reliance on external supply. When developed, the amenities will feature a farmer’s market, a wellness centre and a clinic, and an expat international school.

The land is fully owned by EcoVillages, the developer and master-planner of Veritas Village. The architectural team offers residents a range of models to choose from, with an option to customise one’s home or even design it from scratch. Besides Veritas Village, EcoVillages is developing three other communities — in Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua. In the past ten years, the developer has been designing off-grid and hybrid homes for other developers across Latin America but later chose to focus on building their own communities with a “live and let live” ethos at their core.

Legal Status

Veritas Village is not seeking any official legal autonomy; instead, the community aims to maximise members’ personal freedom via self-governance and economic independence. Residents possess their property through a full deed and share the ownership of the common areas via the ‘Propiedad Horizontal’, a strata title in Panamanian civil law.

The community is run by a homeownership association (HOA) managed through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), with all residents having equal votes and all votes recorded on a blockchain.

Current Situation

The land plot owned by EcoVillages spans nearly 20 hectares (ca. 50 acres). Existing structures include the Heritage Welcome Center, stables, two small homes, and a workshop, all of which are going to be preserved and renovated. Construction awaits permit approval, which is expected in the coming months. The community’s first residents are anticipated in 2024.

How to Move in

The process for immigration to Panama is simplified when residents acquire property in Veritas Village, with investor residency programs available. EcoVillages offers assistance for prospective residents throughout this process.

Get Involved

Veritas Village is looking for prospective residents with a focus on sustainability and personal freedom